Summer Special 2017

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Summer Special 2017

Postby Mortenson » Tue Jul 04, 2017 8:40 pm

SUMMER SPECIAL: (To help raise funds for ISP installation + new costs for faster internet as well as to send in $500 to Eqemu Developers for working so hard on the netcode and improvements lately)

Triple Bonus on all Donations + Platinum based on amount IE., $25 = 25 Million Plat , $51 = 51 Million etc etc.

$25-50 gets a Yellow Prize Clicky + triple VIP
$51-100 gets an Orange Prize Clicky + triple VIP
$150+ gets a Green Prize Clicky + triple VIP
(Summons random Yellow, Orange and Green Augments, there will be no exchanges of the augments. Sometimes you will get a nice aug and sometimes you will not! Luck of the draw and a free gift for the donation so please no complaining if you get some lame aug you don't want folks , they were however made tradeable recently.)

Special will run until Friday , September 22nd

For info on where to donate go here:
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