Changes 10/31/16

Change Logs added here , usually also would be on the facebook group as well.
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Changes 10/31/16

Postby Mortenson » Mon Oct 31, 2016 3:29 pm

* Reduction in Pet DPS by about 55%
* Reduction in Mob's HP by about 55%
* Reduction on some Epic 5.0 spells that were causing a huge spike on pet classes (shaman, ench, bard epic 5.0)
* Increased Agro Modifier slightly on Warrior 5.0 as well as adding a proc rate of 400
* Increase in 2hander's delay's to bring them closer to 1handers other than that melee left the same (2handers were all better than 1handers)

MY HOPE FOR PLAYERS: Nothing feels harder for anyone, in fact everything should feel exactly the same as it did before.

MY HOPE FOR MYSELF: Now we have room for growth , before caps had all been reached and there basically wasn't any content that I could make that was harder than previous content.

PLEASE COMMUNICATE: This is changing everything for the better I hope but please if you feel there is any loss to your enjoyment factor whatsoever let me know.. Please keep in mind that numbers across the board are all lower, so people who love to hit super hard , well , you still are but just not at an insane ratio that breaks the server.
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