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Postby Mortenson » Wed Mar 08, 2017 7:03 pm

A few minor Paladin Goon Improvements have been made , however after realizing that the real power they have is by using the #bot defensive command I didn't need to take up the innate spell very much, Ran some tests with "Oogmog" to ensure that real tanks were still better, however the goons with about the same gear are about 80-90% as good as a real tank. In the end we really discovered it is all about the gear even with the improvements and the defensive disc running.

* Tested with a T3ish-T5ish goon 812k hp 97k ac vrs Hate Trash and the goon would stay up without a healer for 1-2 minutes and then get killed, with healer they would last much longer

* Tested with a T5-T6ish goon 970k hp 123k ac vrs Hate Trash and the goon would stay up without a healer for 4-5 minutes and eventually died even though it would heal himself several times.. With the healer would last the entire fight.

So to sum it up, I believe most players had no clue the #bot defensive was even something available to them, it makes a huge difference in fighting anything.. Without it even the higher end goons would die faster.

Here is the logs , that I used to check to see if any players had ever used the #bot defensive command and was shocked to see , pretty much no one.

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