2017 Raid Addicts Spring Special

Change Logs added here , usually also would be on the facebook group as well.
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2017 Raid Addicts Spring Special

Postby Mortenson » Fri Mar 24, 2017 4:49 am

Raid Addicts Spring Special !!

* Double bonus on VIP
* Triple bonus on VIP if over $100
* All VIP points awarded will also receive the following as a bonus :
* 100 Ebon Crystals per $10 sent (only on $50 donations or greater so $50 gets you 10,000 VIP + 500 ebon crystals)
* $100 gets you 30,000 VIP plus 1,000 bonus Ebons.

(Note I am still on vacation however I have wifi and my laptop so can usually login to award points within a few hours if not on the same day)

(When sending your donation be sure to add a note with your chars name or I won't know who to give it to, even if you think I know who you are already)

**ends June 20th**
King Mortenson
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