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2017 Spring Special - What the Funds will be used for

Posted: Wed Mar 29, 2017 6:13 pm
by Mortenson
Hey Folks, Finally home from the vacation.. Wanted to say I appreciate everyone's support and glad people are enjoying the server as much as they have lately.. I have some great new plans for new content soon however my top priority now that I am home is to replace the old server and purchase a new one.. I decided that most likely the old server is having Processor issues so going to need to just replace the whole thing.. In order to pull this off will need to raise some funds to buy a new server from . These are Refurbished Servers which I can obtain a 3-5 year warranty with which I will be doing. So now that we have the Spring Special up and running hopefully this will be enough incentive for players to take advantage of for me to be able to raise funds for the new hardware.. Again thank you all for your continued support and playing on the server! - KingMort